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Where was I in 2021

 In 2021 I attended many craft fairs to sell my books. The above photo was taken when outdoor at the Manor Barn craft fair in Bexhill. I attended several of these well presented outdoor events. A fantastic event put on by  New Style Events  and Manor Barn , thanks Jo for such a great show. This venue was the Friends Meeting room in Brighton. A really excellent venue for a craft fair. It was organised and promoted by Chris Lau of Brighton Craft This event was held at Bexhill college at their talent show, such talented performers at the college. This was the Christmas craft fair held inside at Manor Barn. And after much anticipation, I was back at Michelham Priory for their annual Christmas Craft fair.

Death on the Cart. Chapter 6.

  Council of war All well, Jack,’ asked Greyspear. ‘Yes, all is well.’ ‘Did you say yes?’ asked Markham.’ ‘Yes indeed, but with provisos.’ ‘Dare I ask,’ said Markham.  ‘When will you go?’ ‘That depends on who will watch the shop while I’m gone.’ ‘Who do you suggest, DI  Hanbury?’ ‘No, while I’m gone, I’d like DS Street to stand in for me – as acting Detective Inspector Street.’