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The Road Home, chapter one.

1 Castles, kilts, and gravestones. W e’d travelled half-way round the world, my suitcase and me, and now we were at the end of the beginning of a journey I never realised I’d one day take. I was home, and this time, come Hell or high water, I was here for good. I took in a deep breath and rolled my shoulders as the flight attendant announced that we would soon be landing at Inverness airport. I put my seatback up, removed my unread magazine from my seat tray and duly locked it in the stowed position. A passing attendant nodded to the window blind and smiled as I reached to slide it up. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw below. For most of my adult life, when flying, I was used to taking off or landing at West Coast airports, such as John Wayne, or Orange County in Southern California or Oakland or San Francisco in the North. I’d slept most of the way across the Atlantic with no thanks to my doctor who’d refused to write a prescription for Zolpidem for fear I would decide to